Monday, June 21, 2010

What is this statement for you means??

"Youth must, Love must will be life."

What is this statement for you means??antivirus software

I think it means that it is imperative that youth and love triumph now (youth is the next generation so if they triumph, in a positive sense --- i.e. learn from the mistakes of generations past --- everyone wins + No one would win in a world where hate triumphed, so we need love to triumph) and after they both triumph, life will triumph... life will win because it is now a better place/the world has restarted (in a sense that a new generation has taken over and changed the world for the better.)


I think the person below me is more on key... but I can seen how this quote can be understood both ways.

What is this statement for you means??computer virus

It means that you have to take advantage of being young and take advantage of youthful romantic love. Be young and in love and enjoy every second of it. Before long you grow up and life comes responsibilities, such as job and bills.
It just means that if youth and love triumph (peak) now that basically everything would be better, which really isn't true. But whatev.

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